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Our point of difference

Solunar - The Arc Light is overtaking your salon and studio.

Why choose US? Glad you asked.

We do not drop ship

What does this mean for you as a consumer? Every product has been hand tested by us before leaving our warehouse. This eliminates the risk of sending faulty products.

Our Arc Light undergoes a 3-step full inspection process

First, sourcing materials. Probably the most important part of the process. Our Arc Light is made of the finest & high-quality materials that we personally chose to create the product.

Second, functionality test. This is where our expert inspectors test the buttons, the stability of the base, intensity of the LED lights and other nitty gritty parts of the light.

Lastly, packaging test. We do a drop test basically to test if the packaging is secure enough to be shipped in longer distances.

Extended Warranty (24 months)​

Durability means everything to us. We got you covered.

Australia-based team​

We're real humans you can reach out to.