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Celesté - The Vanity Mirror

Things To Consider Before Buying A Vanity Mirror:


The most significant Home & Salon décor item is undoubtedly the mirror. They are the first thing clients and/or guests notice when they enter the space. Typically, vanity mirrors are placed on a vanity set so a woman can do makeup. However, they can also be placed on a low vanity for the same purpose. There are many different designs of vanity mirrors that may be incorporated into any established decor.


It's not as simple as it appears to shop for the greatest vanity mirror. There are many things to consider, including quality, cost, features, and size. When attempting to design an elegant Home Vanity room or Salon, each room accessory must be carefully thought out.


Before purchasing Vanity Mirror, consider the following factors:


Size of the Mirror:


An improperly sized mirror detracts from the appearance of your Home. To maintain an elegant appearance:

  1. Ensure that the mirror you purchase perfectly fits the room where you plan to install it.
  2. Always measure the length of your room before going to the store to ensure you get the right size mirror.
  3. In addition to purchasing the appropriate mirror size, make sure that an experienced person places the mirrors.


Quality of Mirrors:


What is the quality of the vanity mirrors you are purchasing? As you may be aware, quality comes at a cost. People can easily tell when a product is of poor quality; therefore, if you want to make a good impression, place a high-quality mirror. While inexpensive mirrors are inexpensive to purchase, they are costly to maintain, costing you a lot of money in the long run. In some cases, the units may need to be replaced regularly.




The space should be considered first. You can select a piece as wide as your home or salon vanity or just as wide as the room size. Next, evaluate the width of the room vanity. Finally, the distance between your wall and the top of the vanity should be measured.


Most modern homes are built with space for vanities in mind. The market offers various options, including ceramic-coloured vanity sets, Polycarbonate, Glass and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene vanities.


The Mirror's Frame's Material:


Polycarbonate mirror sheeting is an excellent choice if you require a mirror surface with high-temperature resistance, impact strength, and directional and UV consistency. Polycarbonate mirror plastic easily outperforms glass in environments that require high-impact components while maintaining absolute clarity.


Your home or salon seems more dramatic when vanity lights are installed or built in on the mirror. This kind of item is typically mounted on walls using reflective clips. Although they are quite delicate and should be treated with care, frameless ones are simpler to maintain.


Mirror Cost:


The most affordable style of vanity mirror is one with a chrome edge. Silver or brass may be used to make their frames. Cost-wise, bevelled edge or borderless ones fall within the middle category. Typically, the cost increases with the complexity of the designs.


Another factor to think about in terms of price is size. The price of wider pieces is higher than that of smaller ones. Do some Internet research before purchasing this kind of merchandise. Look for models with specifications that meet your requirements.


Solunar offers a vanity Mirror, uniquely shaped, modern that will perfectly fit any setup – whether home or salon! Celesté will instantly brighten up any dark room in your space.